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360° Smart Phone Car Holder

360° Smart Phone Car Holder

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Product Description:

Are you constantly grappling with the dilemma of where to securely place your cellphone while navigating the roads? Elevate your driving experience and prioritize safety with the 360° Rotatable Smart Phone Car Holder!

This innovative car mount serves as a steadfast solution to securely affix your smartphone either to your vehicle's dashboard or windshield. Beyond just stability, this holder offers a 360° rotation feature, granting you the flexibility to customize viewing angles according to your preferences, ensuring a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Key Features:

  • Securely attaches your smartphone to either the dashboard or windshield of your vehicle.
  • Enjoy 360° rotation capability for optimal and adjustable viewing angles.
  • Compatible with a diverse range of smartphones.
  • Incorporates an anti-skid system to prevent falls and enhance stability.

No longer will you need to divert your attention away from the road in search of a safe spot for your phone. The 360° Rotatable Smart Phone Car Holder is your reliable companion, ensuring your device stays within reach while you keep your focus on driving.


  • Compatibility: Universal compatibility with all types of smartphones.
  • Rotation: 360° rotation feature for versatile viewing angles.
  • Mounting Options: Designed for secure attachment to both dashboards and windshields.
  • Stability: Equipped with an anti-skid system to prevent falls and ensure stability.

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